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The projects page has become the main link to what I get up to at the moment. Go there from the menu above and click any link provided to see what i have collected. But also read on as that gives a flavour of where I'm coming from.

For me, I think that a lot has happened in technology terms to support the photographic world in the preceding decades leading up to today and to some extent its approached a definable branch in its travels with the ability to what in some  sense is considered falsifying images to get an effect is concerned. Its a distinction that is important though.

 This said, I use IT myself to get the best out of the pictures I take but often I do absolutely nothing to them, (except resize them!), as that's how it was for me. Like the two pictures showing on this page. There are always balancing acts to manage in all things creative but to change and manipulate images is an art form in itself and sets manipulative imagery apart from real photography. Both have a part to play but the distinction should be clear.

To some, digital is a mystical world and roll film is still used and developed by many and seen as the way to expose the captured image in its true form. This also has its place in our photographic hobby.

Therefore this site is about me using my camera in different ways. I hope it helps.

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