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Camera Equipment Lenses and accessories

I don't believe in taking a wheelbarrow of everything out there as I know I won't use half of it. So this is what I have at the moment.  A lot of the best photographs happen on the spur of the moment as they are situations that are fleeting and gone in a moment. Below is what is currently in my camera bag but not all of it is in use at any one given time. I keep the selection down to one or two cameras and a lens or two at most. I don't take it all out but make the best of what I have chosen for that day.

Latest Main Camera:
Upgraded from the D7000 the D7200
This is a major improvement on the D7000. Performs well in low light situations. A good purchase.


Latest small camera addition:
Sony Cyber-shot WX350 Digital Camera - Black
This slim-line camera is an important addition as it is powerful yet unobtrusive and great for location work
Sigma 10-20mm DC
A wide angle lens useful for landscapes.
I protect this lens with a UV filter and I have a polarising filter for it

Sigma 150 - 500mm lens
A telephoto lens bringing distant objects even closer. It has a VR system that really works enabling hand held shots to be taken at 500mm. Its heavy but delivers
An  18 - 105mm
zoom lens that came with the D7200

This lens although regarded as a kit supplied lens performs brilliantly in a range of conditions with the D7200
Nikon 18-55mm AF-S
A standard lens that comes with most bodies. I protect this lens with a skylight filter. I also have a polarising filter for it
SJCAM (M10) digital mini camera
Nikon 70-300mm AF-S
A Telephoto lens brings distant images much closer and foreshortens depth in a picture. I protect this lens with a skylight filter and have a polarising filter for it.
Joby Gorillapod
What an innovation! legs will wrap and bend in difficult places. This one is strong enough to take a camera with a telephoto lens.
Kenko extension tubes
A cheap option for Macro photography for increasing the range of a lens. They have the connections to allow the camera to talk to the lens attached
A Velbon Ultra maxi SF Tripod
Very small and very light, but extends to chest height
Never forget where you take a picture. Show your images on
electronic maps (Google Earth, Picasa, Flickr, Nikon View NX2)


This GPS device is available from:
based in Germany and is perfect for the D700
Well used KATA bag

Good for medium sized kit but not for long lenses.
Protects kit well and suitable for short excursions and hand luggage.

Lowepro Flipside 400AW
Not light but carries all my gear including long lens and tripods. Has a unique flip ability to let you access all gear as a 'table top' but giving added security as access is from the inside.

A Western Digital My Passport storage device. Its wireless, has its own internal batteries that last up to 6 hours in continuous use. An SD slot to collect images from your cameraA great addition to your camera gear and added insurance to avoid loosing images in cameras or on cards. Insert the card and it instantly copies the contents to its hard drive.
A new addition to the bag range I have. For journeys to distant lands i prefer to take a canvas type bag the lies somewhere between the two above. This bag is a TOP-MAX Canvas SLR DSLR Digital Camera Bag
Another useful item a USB 3 device that allows an SD card or a micro card to be used where only USB connections are available. A couple of quid off ebay!